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Wellness In Hand was founded in 2007 for the purpose of contributing to the health and well-being of each individual client.

    David Wenger

    David has been a massage therapist for nearly five years. He graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage -    York Campus, completing 637 hours of hands-on practice and study in anatomy and physiology to achieve certification.

    David became nationally certified in therapeutic massage and body work (NCTMB) in 2009 and
    also earned a bachelors degree in Economics from Franklin & Marshall College in 1979.

    David is a proud member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP).

    David enjoys refereeing youth soccer in his spare time and is a USSF-certified Grade 8 referee.

Guiding Philosophy

Massage therapy represents a major directional change in a career path molded by more than 26 years of sales and business development experience. It is with much gratitude that  I have discovered over the course of the past three years that this is truly my calling.

This should not, however, be a complete surprise. My grandfather, S.G. Wenger, acting upon a dream and a vision, founded Wenger Chiropractic over 73 years ago in the Lancaster community. My father, J. Calvin Wenger, followed my grandfather's dream and has faithfully served in the practice for the past 52 years. For reasons that made sense 35 years ago, I opted not to follow in their footsteps.

I am thankful to have been affiliated finally with the family practice for almost two-and-a half years from 2008 to 2010 as a massage therapist. It was during this time that I realized and confirmed that I had indeed inherited many of the core qualities and attributes that were instrumental in establishing the legacy, reputation, significance and success of Wenger Chiropractic.

Paramount among these is the servant attitude so strongly believed and demonstrated by both my grandfather and father. The compelling conviction that their patients, each with unique health needs, interests and concerns, were viewed as being greater and more important than their own was truly the signature principle and sincere passion that transcended all else.

I am proud to share that compelling conviction and constantly recognize my purpose and mission, as I am fortunate to serve each and every one of my clients. Now I have the profound opportunity and obligation to keep their guiding philosophy alive and to expand upon and further it from this point on.

I am extremely grateful and indebted to Dr. Wendell Funk and John Barnett, Jr., as well, for the opportunity and consideration, which have made it possible for me to follow my calling and share my gifts and skills as a massage therapist in the Lancaster community.

Vision Statement

Through my gifts as a trained and certified massage therapist, I strive to provide professional and compassionate therapeutic and relaxation massages to each client that seeks my services. Considered to have a distinctly developed style and technique, I constantly focus on creating a memorable and quality experience with consistent and compelling value. By truly listening and understanding and then addressing and contributing to the improvement of any specific and identified issue or condition, my primary goal is that each client will both feel good and feel better, as a result of their unique massage experience each and every time.

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